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21st March - Guisborough Town

Bouyant boy!
The Paddy revolution had stalled slightly when the lads lost 3-2 at Morpeth. Today was another challenge for the Bay when second placed Guisborough arrived. The competition from the Big Toon people meant the crowd was down but 228 people still turned up and I was in a buoyant mood on the way to Hillheads. Things were on the up, I felt. Even better, the boys had managed to win the away game 2-1 in October. so a revitalised Whitley stood a great chance of getting a result at home. A quick check of the programme informed us that there would not be many bookings as we had our favourite, tolerant referess (thanks for that Paul Statto) Lucy May: who often preferred a good talking to: a little too often, maybe?
The first fifteen minutes of the game it looked like the Bay were the top two side and not the other way. With Andy Ferrell and new arrival (another? )Jake Richardson  marshalling the midfield and Blandford and Laws looking solid in defence we were sure this was to be our day. At this point the Boy Mark arrived, having just finished buying a new washer and tumble dryer....white ones apparently: nice! Watling and Bird had gelled up front and when Watters was put through on goal, he slotted majestically past the visiting keeper. Cue celebrations!
Go on... book someone Lucy for
breaking Alex's nose...

Not long after though there was drama as Kempster, who had been causing no end of problems received a blow to the face and had to receive treatment. He was soon substituted with a suspected broken nose, to be replaced by Mrs Norris's son: Sam. This seemed to blunt the Bay attack and Guisborough equalised from a great cross and header with half time approaching.
Moira - so incensed she decides to
 invade the pitch, slightly.
The second half started and I was showing more interest in my marvellous cup of tea purchased from Tommy's Tiny Tea Tavern when Guisborough were ahead. Apparently, the impressive Flynn had been caught in two minds. Catch? Punch? I'll wave at it instead he decided and we were behind. From this point on Guisborough did their best to slow things down and I earned  disapproval from the blue-coated Whitley Elders by telling him to "Get on with it!" No swearing, no derogatory terms...but not accepted Bay Behaviour, apparently!  People get a bit cross, especially when someone dressed as a radioactive lemon takes forever to release the about a card Lucy? No, best just encourage them to go a bit faster....of course... good idea.
Take your time lemon head!
After that the game drifted a bit as Whitley mounted occasional attacks with some great play but the final ball just wasn't there. As Town packed their defence, Paddy decided it was time to introduce Robo for his first appearance since....a long time: time for a Robo pinpoint pass!
The loyal Bellenders!
Guisborough still looked dangerous on the break and Flynn had to be on his toes to spectacularly save on a number of occasions and more than made up for his earlier error: including a spectacular 1 on 1 effort, saved with his feet.
It was also good to see the return of the Bay bell - chiming each attack: a little throwback to the good old days and sorely missed when it isn't there!
With the arrival of Robo, it was also a chance to judge the increasingly competitive Bay Beard competition with Craig Mc still leading the way in both bushiness and style...of course it would be great to see the fiercely competitive Andy Ferrell join in the competition and so become the Bay's own Tim Howard...just a thought but the competition is still running so keep those beards growing!

The final word almost belonged to the bearded maestro McFarlane when he exchanged passes with Robbie the Birdman and his effort was just deflected over the bar and onto the top of the net.
There was even time for a fracas of handbags towards the end, after which Lucy decided to pull out the cards: no wonder she finished the game soon after: obviously needed a lie down!
 A valiant effort but it was not to be. However we had played the team with the best away record in the league and been unlucky. There had been fight, determination and good football so things look extremely positive. The Paddy revolution rolls on!
Craig does the Matrix

Energetic lino

Birdie on the ball!

Beard envy from the boy Mark?

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