Sunday, 25 October 2015

24th October 2015 - Penrith

The title of one of my favourite episodes of the X Files featured Lucy Lawless (Xena Warrior Princess...remember?) as a, possibly alien, assassin. The title read:
Nothing Important Happened Here Today.
Look at those divots!
A health and safety
This seemed extremely apt for a match in which absolutely nothing seemed to all.
It was a match that was short on chances: Gladstone's two footed save and another clearance by a Whitley player were all the chances we had to talk about at half time. In fact the Boy Mark described it as "Possibly the worst half he had ever seen." Plenty of endeavour from both teams but nothing to show.
Ian 'I have nothing to do with the club's Twitter' wondered what I would be including in my blog...certainly hardly anything to do with the game itself.
In fact there was so little to talk about that we brought up the issue of Divetgate at the Allotment End. It had been that bad.
There was a real shock for us though when we arrived for our half time cup of tea and Bovril (not in the same cup). Tommy had built a completely futuristic combined hotel and ski-slope, without telling anyone. Mark and Neil were certainly thrown by that one! We all agreed that Tommy was certainly showing forward thinking with the weather turning colder and the end of British Summer Time but had big doubts that it would be there come Tuesday as Tommy had forgotten to get planning permission from the council and we noticed a number of the locals were exceedingly cross. Back to the drawing board Tommy!
Tell us another Barry....on second
thoughts....please don't.
Thankfully the second half livened up a touch despite the moment when the Jokester that is Barry mentioned:
"Did you hear about the town that disappeared in Yorkshire? Police are looking for Leeds!" The Bay forced a number of corners but they all come to nothing and late in the game it was only the quick thinking Flynn that saved us from defeat with the impressive-looking Gladstone beaten he emerged to clear the ball from the line.
In the end, nothing did happen here at Hillheads...and the Ski Slope will be taken down, probably. The lads will have to shape for Tuesday and Saturday....perhaps Paddy could try playing more than one forward...just a thought! As a precaution I decided to wash my Whitley shirt and hat.....
May as well finish with a picture of our Lucy.....

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