Sunday, 1 May 2016

26th April 2016 - West Allotment Celtic (h)

Spot the fan?
Arriving at the ground,  there were no programmes to be had (or evidence that there had been any) while the crowd looked apologetically small and lacking in atmosphere. My count of 130 turned out to be 20 less than the official 152 - the rest probably being in the bar. I must admit the number of games was wearing on me as a home supporter..never mind those who had travelled home and away.... as well as the players. The defeats in the last two home games may also have had an effect on the crowd as well as the cold. The Boy Mark and Woodie were already positioned under the shelter of the 'Vase stand' as the rain began to hammer down to add to the slightly less-than-vibrant mood. The people who had stayed at home watching Man City take on Real Madrid in the Champions' League made me feel quite jealous although they would miss out on the chance to enjoy a cup of tea, cola bottle and perhaps a kitkat at half time!
I was disappointed again to see no Robertson but it looked like Patton and Shanks were beginning to form a good understanding. I might start calling Patton 'The General' if he stays long enough and starts directing play from on top of a Sherman tank...or maybe George S.
Woodie tried to convince us of his lateest conspiracy theory that the game would end 1-1 as both teams only needed a draw to avoid relegation. The way the Bay started though seemed to disprove this theory as the Shankster exquisitely lobbed the hairy beast Wells in the Celtic goal: who was not happy, obviously.
A different view of the ground...needed the loo!
However, Celtic came back into the game and we needed Gladstone to be on his metal to keep the visitors out.
When Celtic's Paul Kane scored a lucky 25 yard-floating-drifting-cross-shot Woodie looked extremely smug, though disappointed to see the Bay level. In truth the game had been drifting slightly as the boys tired. Our own levels of concentration waned and the conversation actually drifted away from the match onto the new series of Game of Thrones and then onto how it was a worm's fault if he got stood on. The Boy Mark claimed it would be a form of natural selection if a worm was squashed whilst wriggling across the terracing. I was shocked and wondered whether if a zombie apocalypse arrived, would we get zombie worms...?
Shanksy's elbow celebrates....
Thankfully, the Bay managed to up the pace to distract us from this terrible conundrum. As the ball drifted across the goal, Shanks was on hand to slip the ball in from the tightest of angles. A cracking strike and completely unexpected. Celtic hearts were broken and soon after Ash Davis provided a cross, after his own determined, and unexpected, work. This bounced in off the knee of the Kempstervator who looked extremely embarrassed to have scored. The Bay were staying up and Woodie was very happy to have been proved wrong.
Knee problem scoring for the Kempstervator!
As Callum's relation (maybe) once said: "In case of doubt, attack."
Thanks for that General!
Next stop - Marske United and the League Cup Semi-final!

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