Tuesday, 16 August 2016

16th August 2016 - Newcastle Benfield (h)

The sun was still shining when the Boy Mark and I arrived at Hillheads but the shadows were lengthening and although there was a good sprinkling of shorts on view, I was glad I was a soft get with me jeans on.
Although the warm glow from Saturday's second half performance was still adding extra warmth. Tonight, work commitments deprived us of Shanksy's services but it was good to welcome the Kempster from his jollies. As soon as ends had been chosen we duly set off, along with the Bobster and Moira behind the Allotment End goal only to return quickly back to the side after facing the prospect of staring into the searing sun for 45 minutes.
The new, flashy and much improved programme featured a blast from the past with a Chowie goal celebration in the front cover but now we have our new formidable forwards, in the shape of Shanksy, Fryatt, Kempster and Robo, here's hoping the Bay rise again.
With just three minutes gone the Benfield keeper spilled a shot that just eluded the home forwards but on 10 minutes the Bay were ahead. A freekick for handball, that might have come off a Bay player's hand, was played onto the head of 'the Professor' (Ross Wilkinson - because he looks like one...not my idea) who flicked it over the stranded Grainger in the Benfield goal. The Bay were on their way.
Benfield, however were not giving up and it was a good battling first half with neither team giving anything and there were good physical battles over the pitch that the Bay players managed to come up on top of. There was a slight moment of panic when a Benfield shot was just glanced wide by an unknown Bay defender's foot but the lads were continuing on from Saturday. With Potter looking lively on the wing, the whole team looked up for the fight.
Five minutes to go to half time, Fryatt was again in the right place to pick up a slack clearance. He played it over the top of the defence for Robo to score....I was immediately warned for starting "Robo's on fire.."
A good save from Flynn kept a Benfield shot through bodies out and the halftime score at 2-0.

"Robo's on......" sorry.
Into the second half and a lapse in defence allowed Benfield to pull one back but the Bay steadied themselves and as the Boy Mark wondered whether he had recorded the Olympics beach volleyball, more Fryatt trickery saw the ball squared to Robo! 3-1.
Natty matching boots and top from Grainger!
There was plenty of action as the game ebbed and flowed but a battle royal blew up between the Bobster and anyone who supported the Bay's insistence on playing short corners.
"When was the last time the Bay scored from a short corner?" he chimed every time they took it short. Yet as the video evidence below proves. Some of the short corners did end in shots on goal from a stretched defence.  However, the argument was eventually ended when Moira told him if he didn't shut up he would have to make his own cup of tea when got home. Nice one Moira.
For the record: my opinion is mix it up...
3-1 was the final score and things were looking good for the next two home games: Shields and Shields. Bumper crowds expected for both. #htb.
Neil: no Berrywatch today although he was a real gent and shook our hands and had a half time chat with us: Boy Mark says he won't wash the hand that he shook. No change there!

Short corner = shot                                   Long corner = no shot
I rest my case!

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