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10th September 2016 - Jarrow Roofing (a)

A last minute reprieve from helping with his daughter's fundraiser, to raise money for her trip to the Taekwondo Championships in Hungary, meant that the Boy Mark was able to drive us to Boldon Colliery, home of the Roofers.
The Roofer's ground is a must for all Meccano-loving footie fans with a good selection of metal stands. The sad thing about the ground is that it is becoming a bit down at heal. The small crowds they attract have dropped since their trip to the Semi-finals of the FA Vase in 2005. As a result, the number of roofs on offer has also dropped. What is still as impressive is the resourcefulness that the club have shown to build with whatever they can lay their hands on: they are still the Wombles of non-league football! 
The best club sign in non-league football? Worth the admission price on its own!
 There were seats that could have been taken from a 70s hair salon along with the best of stadium art: bolted the wall were a number of car hubcaps with the words Jarrow Roofing neatly written on. We discovered three but the big mystery for anyone's next visit is to find out if there is a fourth to make the set complete!

Off to use the facilities with that fantastic sliding door.
On top of all this, there was the great news for Berrywatch fans that the great man was back, helping out on the coaching side but not on the playing side...yet! There certainly were smiles on the lads faces as they worked their way through an intricate passing routine.
As the teams came out for the match, a small female voice drifted towards our ears like the voice of one of those Boots ladies, telling you about the latest offers on smellies when you visit those big, scary stores in Newcastle. There was a big cheer when she tried to say our Greek hero's surname so she gave up and just called him Angelos. It was also good to see the Greek God still playing for the Bay instead of heading off to the wilds of Shildon. He must have been impressed with the song written in his honour:
Don't Leave Ang'los
Our Super Angelos
You really must stay at the Bay
'Cause if you leave Ang'los
Our Super Angelos
We never will learn to spell your name!
To the tune of Achy Breaky Heart by Billy-Ray Cyrus. 
One anonymous individual did come up with an alternative, and extremely sinister final line:
Or we will never say your name again!
My lips are sealed!
 It was also great to welcome Hartlepool's Joshua Nearney on a month's loan and as the game started he certainly looked confident and fitted in well into the back five line-up. 
The Bay started well but Jarrow defended well and the lads had to work hard to create chances. However in the 27th minute, McDonald swung in a corner for Shanks to sweep in from 10 yards out.

We all expected to see the Bay then storm forward to score a hatful but with ex-Bay stopper , Andy Jennison in particularly expressive, vocal form they were kept out. In fact it was a complete shock when Jarrow equalised just before half time; Purewal rocketing the ball home. Refreshments were definitely needed at half time: and Jan's Refreshment was drawing us in.
Tommy's Tea Emporium needs a sign too! 
Jarrow's cafe culture: very swish!
There was a bigger shock waiting for us, apart from Berry's change of shorts then track suit bottoms. Don't ask how I noticed I just did and yes I do love my wife very much so you can stop there. Jarrow were ahead with an unstoppable shot from Hedley that looked set to rip the net out. Wilko time was needed!
It wasn't the big defender who came to our rescue but Jake Fowler. When the Kempstervator caught out a Roofing defender, the subsequent cross bounced down off a hand and a penalty was awarded at the third attempt. The quiet but effective midfield dynamo that is Jake Fowler slammed the spotkick home in the 62nd minute. 

The Jarrow defence were certainly not following Jennison's advice as he constantly shouted for them to "Stay switched on every minute!". His other piece of advice was to advise his defenders that they needed to "Mark up, by the way!" 
The Rest of the match passed without further score. However there was a chance for a the Professor but he just couldn't get enough power on his header and a relieved Jennison collected easily. A 2-2 draw perhaps was a fair result as it hadn't been a vintage Bay performance. As always it had been a pleasure visiting Jarrow. I just hope they manage to keep Wombling away and stay up for another visit next year.
What can you build with this little lot?
Ian has an idea....

PS Chow was playing for Jarrow but was well marshalled!

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