Saturday, 14 April 2018

14th April 2018 - Team Northumbria (h)

The sun was shining when I finished the Cragside 10k in the morning and it was still shining when I set off to walk up to the ground. In fact, after the seemingly endless days of rain, snow and gloomy skies, the big yellowy-orange sphere made a welcome return! I only needed to wear three layers of clothes. I'm that hard! As a result, I hoped for the victory that would end the Bay's current losing streak. While I had been sunning myself in France (see my other blog some time in the future for more details of this:

There was an early shock for Flynn as he had to stretch full length to push out a Northumbria shot, then Josh Nearney had to come up with a perfectly timed tackle to deprive a visiting forward who was bearing down on Flynn. It wasn't a one-sided game, however and the Bay went close on a number of occasions. Callum Johnston was looking lively up front, ably supported by the wizardly dribbling of Tom Potter.

Flynn's goal, however still needed to be protected and a last-ditch clearance off the line was needed to keep the score goaless at half time.
There was some special half - time entertainment when a man wearing a moose head, pink t-shirt and gold sandals had to take a crossbar challenge as well as coping with Jasper's excitement at this new event...

Jasper shows his frustration at Mr Moosehead's miss!

Jasper can't hide his delight at Mr Moosehead's direct hit.

There was delight early in the second half when Potter apparated into the box. Completely unmarked by Team North, and unoticed by myself and Woodie (who had been chatting about the relevant values of the latest series of The Walking Dead), the magic one slammed a shot past Northumbria's Charles Murphy. Because of our chatter, the video was disappointing ...

Therefore here's an exciting celebration photo:

Unfortunately, the gods of football were not looking out for the Bay and a deflected shot sailed past an unlucky Flynn. This goal, according to Gibbo the Statto, was the fifth deflected goal out of the last six that the Bay have conceded. You don't beat Flynn with an ordinary shot!
The lads surged back and battered the away goal. They almost took the lead but the Raven from the Hill just couldn't get that final touch to Callum Johnston's cross.

They would rue this miss as a goalmouth scramble ended in Team North taking the lead. However, for once the Bay were to have the last word and when a freekick was floated in; Jack Walker managed to toe the ball over the hapless Murphy.
Final score: 2-2. The Bay had their first point at home since January's 2-2 draw with Guisborough.
The wait for the first home victory since November still goes on, although for the first time in nine games, the Bay had avoided defeat. It's a start.

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